The Most Difficult Challenge: Branding a Creative Agency

Branding a creative agency may look like an impossible task. You need to create a concept for your own services and to describe yourself, you need to be original, to find out what is the most important strenght that you have, but the most difficult thing in the world seems to know yourself. Branding a creative agency is as complicated as branding yourself. However, if you are aware about what your target audiences say, you know exactly what you need to emphasis.

Being selective is the way
From the begining, branding a creative agency will look like a long journey. Maybe it requires more research as ussualy, more time and more effort. It is about a marketplace where almost every agency is saying the same thing: „we’re the best”, we’ll do wonderful things”, „we are professionals”. This way, millions of prospects are becoming more intersted in creative agencies which are having fun and are fast growing by doing something different. Targeting only a narrow niche of customers, these agencies are offering a point of view which includes the client perpective.
On the other hand, this type of creative agencies are making everything simpler, adding a plus to find exactly the clients needed. In the same way, for an entrepreneur, searching a creative a agency promoting the same ideas and values is not an easy task. This is why making things more clear about the audience you’re targeting is a choice with advantages for the both parts.

Flexibility is the key
Speaking the same language as your prospects also implies to think about the way they need to work with you. It’s never a great idea to just import procedures form other creative agencies and think that if they work for them, they will work for your too. Sometimes, clients may need just a flyer or some adjustemet for a project. As a new creative agency, if you are decided to help them, it’s not necessary always to make them feel tired by completing a brief. Any new creative agency needs more than any other type of business flexibility.
All in all, the whole debate regarding the branding a creative agency is all focused around one single question: “why do clients prefer one agency over another?” To answer to that question, we need firstly to define your prospects, then focus your marketing efforts more on their priorities, than on your capabilities.


Crafting a brand is not enough. Let’s create a comeplling story

Every successful brand has a unbelievable insane story. Inspiring others, designing the future. But anyone can do it, anyone has some secret powers. Find it. Feel it. Live it.