Five Traits Anyone Working in a Creative Agency Have

Advertising is an idustry that is constantly evolving while creating the jobs of the future and making everyone looking for a job in a creative agency to wonder: “how to work in advertising?” “what training is needed to integrate yourself to the world of a creative agency?” Sometimes, experience is very important, but there are also situations when the psychological test is crucial. Here are some of the most important qualities the people in a creative agency have and that might be important for you if you wish to work in this field.

Know your niche
Anyone who is interested in working in a creative agency must apply the same marketing principles to their careers by identifying their “Unique Selling Proposition”. Ask yourself: “what are your strengths and interests?”, “Is there a specific field of marketing communications currently growing where you could build your credibility?”. Also, be sure you can familiarize yourself with the operating mode and the needs of the different departments existing in a creative agency.

Being curious
A good advertiser is interested in consumers’ behavior and try to find their interests and their way of living. Industry employers often seek self-directed candidates who learn quickly. Moreover, every recruiter will want to find out if you have skills in problem-solving and you are enough curious to understand and find the best solutions by your own. In addition, understanding the issues of this industry is a must if you want to discover how it’s like to work in a creative agency. You need be aware of the issues by keeping abreast of the news of the marketing communications industry.

Being business orientated
Customers who hire creative agencies are primarily interested in solving business problems. They want to increase their sales, strengthen their credibility with a target market, and so on. If it is important to be creative in advertising, a developed artistic sense is not enough to evolve in this environment. You need to understand the challenges of competition and think strategically to find thoughtful solutions to marketing problems.
Ability to detect key information (insights)
Advertisers need strong analytical skills. No matter the job title, everyone working in a creative agency must be able to understand the problem of a brand and identify the information that will seduce the target. He must act as a “psychologist” of the brand, while having a good understanding of the behavior of the targeted consumers.


Crafting a brand is not enough. Let’s create a comeplling story

Every successful brand has a unbelievable insane story. Inspiring others, designing the future. But anyone can do it, anyone has some secret powers. Find it. Feel it. Live it.